"MobileSOS App"

After the Nirbhaya rape case of December 16, Indian Government thought of launching SOS Application for all Mobile Devices, in order to provide Women Security. Since Smartphone's have become ubiquitous, these devices and gadgets can be used for security purpose in any Emergency or Panic situations. With SOS application installed on devices, users can give alerts to near and dear ones about the Panic & difficult situations. Hence, Jarviz has launched a security application know as "MobileSOS". With the increase in crime against women, MobileSOS is targeted for the women of our society to ensure their safety.

JARVIZ offers MobileSOS , a safety application which works on GPS tracking and sending alert messages to contacts which can be predefined by users in case of any Emergency. Recommended and used by many, our MobileSOS APP is currently available on Android platform for Smart phones & Tablets. The user only has to add contacts to their contact list to trigger alert messages in Emergencies.

The interesting features of our APP are "Walk with Me" and "Report" feature.

  • Walk with me feature allows the user to send messages about your location to the selected contacts after a predefined interval of time.
  • Report feature lets you report any objectionable event like Abuse, Molestation or Eve-teasing to the added contacts. This will create an alert symbol on the map and will get updated on the servers of Jarviz.

Installation Instructions

To install MobileSOS- a women safety application, follow the following steps:

  • Go to Google Play store.
  • Search for MobileSOS and clickInstall.
  • After complete Installation, click on Agree to agree the license agreement.
  • Enter your Email ID to keep yourself updated about our new features.
  • New users have to make a customized list of contacts for sending alert messages in case of panic situations

MOBILE SOS safety application offers following features:-

  • Send Alarm: - Send a customized message to the selected contacts with user's address or a link of current location on Maps.
  • Report Event: - Report events like Abuse, Eve- Teasing and Molestation report. User can also pre- customize the existing reporting event.
  • Show Police: - Shows the address of nearby police stations on Google Maps so that the user can approach to the nearest Police station via GPS navigator.
  • Show Hospitals: - Shows the address of nearby Hospitals on Google Maps so that the user can approach the nearest Hospital via GPS navigator.
  • Show Alarms: - Shows all the alarms that are being raised by different user in some state of panic or emergency.
  • Show Reports: - Shows all the Reported Events by various users at different locations.
  • Walk with Me:- User's footprints are mapped on Google Maps and send it to the primary contacts that can be predefined by the user.
  • Shake to alarm: - Send your current location (Lat- long) to your selected contacts when you shake your device a number of times, this can be predefined by the user as well.
  • Point of Interest:- User can define any location to see all the events like Abuse, Eve- Teasing and Molestation on that location.